Tuesday, December 11, 2007

Planner vs Non-Planner

I was raised up by two planners. Since I myself am basically a planner, then you can imagine the result he he he he he...My Mom has always told me since I was a kid (remember that she loves telling us stories) that a girl must have some savings or at least gold when she gets married. Maybe for this age, having gold (gold chains or in whichever form) is an obsolete idea. She told me that she had started buying gold (23K gold chains or bracelets) ever since she was young. She said that she had to sell some of her gold when we were growing up (especially when Dad lost his job during one period of time). After all, it was tough to survive on one income (my Dad was a regular office employee). She also had to sell her motorcycle when we were in dire need of money. However, she said that it was all worth it as in due time, much later after that, she could afford to buy everything back (the gold chains she sold and also the motorcycle).

That was why she had been buying gold chains or bracelets for me ever since I was a kid. Whenever she had some spare money, she'd buy me something. Thus when I moved to Finland, I had plenty of jewellery to bring. That really made me VERY wary of everything while I was on the way to Finland. For me, those jewellery aren't just regular jewellery or something I can sell later on IF I need money FAST. Those jewellery are the signs of her love and hard work for me. :-D They're like family heirloom for me.

Speaking of being a planner, I married a non-planner he he he he...I had known it even from the very beginning. In a way it's good since he has helped me learn to enjoy the moment, the present, today, right now. Let me share with you a funny conversation we had the other night:

Me: Hey, babe, you're going to have your summer holiday for a whole month next year, right?
R2: Yeah, so?
Me: Well, can't we go to Rovaniemi?
R2: Why do you wanna go back there?
Me: I REALLY REALLY wanna go back to that hotel where I had the BEST pepper steak ever.
R2: We'll see.
Me: After all, now that I can start saving money again bit by bit, I can afford to pay for the hotel room later on. And the steak too, OK?
R2: (chuckling) We'll see.
Me: Oh, come on! Why can't we just go there for a day or two, please, pretty, please?
R2: I can't think that far ahead.
Me: Oh dearrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr...We don't have to REALLY plan it. It's just nice to talk about it, don't you think so?
R2: (silent, shaking his head)
Me: I get ittttttttttttt...you don't think that far ahead.
R2: (readily agreed) Yes, that's right.

We once joked about taking holidays somewhere (before we got married) and I said that as long as I planned the whole thing and he just had to come along with me when the preparation was done, then he would be happy and he said yes ha ha ha ha ha ha ha...

And I guess in another way, I've helped him learn to plan his life even though he still doesn't plan holidays ahead of time HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA...

But you know something? At least this way it's good since there aren't two planners. Imagine two planners with two WHOLE different plans/goals in mind. That could cause a problem. This way I get to plan most things the way I want them to and he'll just go along with me HI HI HI HI HI HI HI HI HI...Ahem. OK, probably not as simple as that 'coz I also respect his decisions and wishes, but you know what I mean, right? Hmmm...come to think of it, two planners with two whole different plans/goals in mind probably wouldn't get married in the first place. OK, enough babbling about that. This is getting me confused LOL LOL!!!


  1. In this case, I TOTALLY understand what you mean. He he...Sometimes, it could end up in a fight if a couple has different planning.

  2. Choc Mint Girl: GOOD that you understand hi hi hi...;-D

  3. My situation is very similar. I always plan the holidays and he'll always agree to my plans. Don't tell me I have to plan our wedding (cos I won't!)

  4. Blur Ting: AHAAAHHHH...wedding bells ringing. I can hear them chiming soon he he he he...Ahem...Should I tell CH about this? *wink*

    Actually, since we had the wedding in Bandung, I did everything to plan our wedding hi hi hi...He just came by and followed everything I told him to do HA HA HA HA HA HA HA...

    I've heard people arguing over their wedding plans. I didn't experience that since I was the only one planning everything. Well, my Mom helped me, of course he he he he...but since my wedding was simple, so it wasn't too hard, anyway.

  5. I'm a planner but my hubby is not so we agree whatever I plan we do or he stays home. LOL!! HA!!! I look at it this way if my hubby wants to do something then he needs to speak up so I can plan things out. HE!!!HE!!

  6. Hi Amel...

    You are so funny! :-)

    Yeah, I'm thinking two planners would be in trouble! LOL!



  7. Stacy: AHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHHHH...yeah, that's true. If he wants to do something, he really has to speak up hi hi hi hi...

    Jennifer: Glad you enjoyed this post! LOL!!! ;-D

  8. huehehehehhh...I think I'm in the planner destroyer category then :P. I make plans when my melancholic side is out, then I destry them with my sanguinity hihihi.. But in the end I survive by making long term goals that are quite fix (satisfying M-side), but then muster all creativity (satisfying S-side) to change and get things together. Hubby isn't a planner but when he does plan things, it's more stable since unlike me who likes loopholes to let whatever chances walk in, he makes the plans more airtight.

  9. Fei: HUA HA HA HA HA HA...Planner destroyer category? LOL LOL!!! Yeah, you have very opposite sides inside you. Gladly you've found ways to satisfy both he he he he...;-D