Wednesday, December 19, 2007

I Am Enough

In this competitive world today,

Where we are driven to achieve more and be better, stronger, faster, bolder,

When do you take time to say,

"I am enough"?

God knows we are sinners

Yet He still thinks we're precious enough to save

By letting His only Son bear our sins

And suffer on the cross.

Do you feel that you are enough?

Take time to absorb God's love for you

Before Christmas comes

And may you feel His overpowering grace and love and peace

Flowing inside you...

And let us say...

I am enough...

I am enough...

I am enough...

You were not a mistake, for all your days are written in my book.
Psalms 139:15-16


  1. With God all things are possible. By the way, that's the state motto of Ohio.

    You and God make a majority.

    Have a blessed Christmas.

    From the staff and management of WIXY's Gone Bananas and Seek Him First.

  2. 74wixygrad: THX for dropping by, Cliff!!!

    So it's the state motto of Ohio? Gee, I didn't know that. Interesting!!! ;-))))

    You too, have a BLESSED Christmas and YAY for being a majority with God he he he he he...

  3. I will have to come back often, seeing that my maternal grandmother's family came from Finland.

  4. 74wixygrad: Hi again, Cliff!

    Your maternal grandma's family came from Finland? WOW!!! That's cool! Do you know from which part of Finland they came from? ;-D

  5. WOW Amel that post was wonderful and so true I loved the pictures of the wings. If you dont mind I would like to copy that to save in my folder. :)

  6. Cliff? hehehe.. you have Cliff friend! hehehe... Amel, thank you for this post especially the verse! :-) Amin!

  7. Stacy: Glad you enjoyed it! Hey, I got the pic from so by all means go ahead and copy it. It's not mine he he he...

    Trin: Yeah, my new blogger friend's name is Cliff he he he...Glad you enjoyed the post! ;-D