Saturday, December 08, 2007

A Plumper Snowman!!!!

FINAAAAAAAAAALLLLLLLLLLLLLYYYYYYYYYY I had an opportunity to make another snowman HUE HE HE HE HE HE HE...Since yesterday it was so wet everywhere since the temperature rose up to 2'C, so the snow was melting everywhere. Plus this morning it was raining water for a while. I was hoping for the rain to stop. It did stop after a while but it changed into snow since the temperature dropped to below 0'C again after midday. Right after lunch, I went out to find out if I could make another snowman. And I COULD!!!

This time I didn't roll the snow into big balls. I cheated ha ha ha ha ha...I used a shovel to gather all the snow around my snowman and I patched it up to make it plump and round. I did it ALL BY MYSELF and it was SO tiring! I wouldn't have been able to make it on my own if I made the snowballs first the usual way, 'coz I had to put the balls on top of the big one and it would drain my stamina!!! Even though I cheated, I was sweating like a pig after I was done. Plus my nose was runny all the time. It probably took me 45 minutes or maybe close to an hour to make this snowman all by myself. It was really good exercise. I bet tomorrow my body will be sore ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha...

Trin, I'll do the name on the snow thingie later, OK? There'll still be plenty of snow to do that later on, but the weather won't stay this wet all the time so there're less opportunities to make a snowman. Besides, by the time I was done with this snowman, I was SO tired he he he he he he...

Anyway, without further ado, here are the pics.

First pic: Only two snowballs there. You can see the shovel I used in the first two pics.

Second pic: The sky is SO dark already he he he he he...It was around 2 pm.

Third pic: Sorry, nose was still runny and my face was SO red ha ha ha ha...and look at my DAMP hair!!!! ;-D

Ta-daaaa....finally it was decorated, but still armless, I'm afraid ha ha ha ha...I actually wanted to make a much bigger snowman but I was too tired. Phew!!! It was really hard work he he he...At least this time it's MUCH plumper, don't you think so? ;-D Hope you like the pics!!!


  1. Ha least you're having FUN!!! ;D

  2. Choc Mint Girl: Yeah, I was having FUN he he he my arms are a bit sore, but gladly my legs are fine (I squatted a lot, too). ;-D

  3. Oh what a cute, smiley snowman. It smiles just like your profile cat pix!

  4. Blur Ting: Glad you liked it! Arttu was the one decorating it he he he he...;-D

  5. Jul: Yes, it was snowing all the time while I was building my snowman. It was tough! ;-D But I had SO MUCH FUN ha ha ha ha ha...

  6. What a gorgeous snowman *clap clap clap*!!! :).

    You are becoming an expert, girl :)!


  7. Max: THANKS, girl! *bowing* You're a WONDERFUL audience he he he he...