Friday, December 28, 2007

Bid4Prizes: Guess and Win Prizes and Gifts!

If you live in the USA and you're over 18 years old and you want to win free gifts and cash prizes, you can join in the fun in this national sweepstake! All you have to do is register and then you can bid the lowest price for the prizes. You can either play the game from your mobile or the above site.

The winner is the one who has the lowest bid of all, but if there's someone else who bids the exact same lowest bid, then it's no longer considered the lowest. Once you bid, they'll send you an SMS or an email right away to tell you whether it's the lowest bid or not. However, if you want to play from your mobile, you have to pay a small fee per month, whereas if you play from the site, it's free. Playing the game is pretty simple since they also show the range of the lowest bids for each prize, so you get some hints already.

The prizes can be anything, ranging from a 42" Plasma TV to a $1,000 Grocery Store Gift Card or two tickets to watch a New York Broadway Show of your own choice plus hotel accommodations and spending cash. There will be new winners every day, so what else are you waiting for?

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