Friday, December 07, 2007

Comfortable Furniture for Your Home

Newlyweds in Indonesia sometimes still live with their parents or they own their own house. When you first move to a new empty house, naturally you're facing a lot of tasks. Even if the house's finished already (no need to supervise the process of building it), you still need to buy furniture. The most important furniture to have is probably a bed. Then naturally it's best to buy the living room furniture and the kitchen furniture and utensils.

These days lots of newlyweds in Indonesia own a sofa and loveseat in their house. Personally speaking, I love plush leather sofa since it's very comfortable and easy to clean. Plus I can take a nap on it if I want to he he...What kind of sofa do you own at home and what type of sofa do you like?

If you live in the USA and you need some new furniture for your home, you can browse through the furniture catalogs on the site I linked.
I like browsing through this site as you can easily find what you're looking for from the first page. For example, on the first page you can find these options:

a. Shop by Room
b. Shop by Style
c. Shop by Color

They offer free national shipping on all products and no cancellation fee as long as you cancel the order before they are shipped. Other than that, their strong, professional delivery guys are ready to deliver the order to your house (unless otherwise specified) after they contact you first to confirm the time of delivery. And they're having some products on a 30% discount. I LOVE discounted items!!!

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