Saturday, December 01, 2007

Travel Nursing

Reading about nursing history is definitely interesting. I'm sure all of you know that Florence Nightingale is considered as the founder of nursing. However, do you know that in the first nursing school in India, women weren't allowed to be nurses since men were considered more pure? Gee, I was shocked when I read that! Then as I kept on reading, I came upon the concept of travel nursing. I've never heard about that before, at least not as an accepted "formal" term.

In America, the demand for short-term travel nurses first occurred in the 1980's since in some cities there weren't enough nurses. Since then, lots of travel nursing agencies have mushroomed everywhere. It seems to me that this kind of job is suitable for people who love travelling. They can visit other cities plus they get lots of benefits by doing this job. The benefits that they can normally receive are these:

1. Free housing (usually furnished housing) .
2. Relocation assistance.
3. 401k plans.
4. Medical insurance (dental, vision, etc.)
5. A better salary than regular nuses, especially if they have plenty of experiences already in the medical world.
6. Bonuses.

Hmmm...sounds very rewarding, don't you think so? This type of job usually lasts for four until thirteen weeks, except if they get to work outside of America, then the job usually lasts for one or two years. However, nurses have to have at least one year working experience (the longer, the better) before they can apply for this kind of job.

Anyway, in one website that I read, I found out that Hawaii is on top of the list of "hot spots" for travel nurses. I bet you can understand why, can't you? ;-D


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  2. I had to delete the last comment because it had a mistake that I didn't want to leave in your good-reading blog.
    Hawaii is absolutely gorgeous, but I hear the cost of living is very high there.
    Is there traveling nurse jobs in the rural areas at all? Do you like rural more than urban as far as a place to go to? Do you like suburbs?
    I know in the 2 hospitals where I worked (Loyola and Ingalls) they were paying nurses around $50 an hour.
    Those are in the suburbs rather than the heart of downtown Chicago. Some like Chicago, others like the suburbs.

  3. Vince: Hey, don't worry about leaving the comment he he he he...Maybe I'd better reply in your blog instead he he he...