Thursday, December 06, 2007

Black Magic

In this modern age, black magic still exists. People in Indonesia know that some people use black magic to make themselves look more attractive or irresistible (to "entice" people). I know someone who's fallen victim to such a thing.

This girl met a guy somewhere and then they started dating against the girl's parents' wishes. The guy was a few years younger than her. I don't know if that was the only reason why the girl's parents disapproved of their relationship or not, but all I can say is that sometimes parents DO have good reasons or a good hunch about such a thing. Anyway, since the girl kept on seeing the guy, finally the girl's parents relented.

They got married after a while and even on their wedding day, there was chaos. Apparently the girl was the one who funded the wedding, but the guy's family wanted to get a hold of the money given by the guests. Anyhow, after they got married, the guy quit his job and just stayed home to enjoy his life tremendously. So the girl became the bread winner in their household.

The guy started to treat her badly right after they got married. He forbid her to call or visit her parents, and even when her parents called, she always sounded so scared and she would cut off the conversation after a short talk. Then the girl got pregnant and things got worse. Whenever the guy wanted something, he demanded her to provide it for him RIGHT AWAY. For example, sometimes he would ask her to cook something for him at midnight and if she refused, he would hit her. Even while she was pregnant, he still hit her. Nice guy, eh?

Finally the girl couldn't take it anymore, so she ran away to her parents' place. Turned out that the guy had lied to her about his degree and job. When they first met, he told her that he had a university degree and that his position at the office he worked for was great. The truth was that he only had a High School diploma and that he was a lazy bast#¤!#. He married her because she was a diligent person. And then after a while she found out that he had actually used black magic to "entice" her.

She went out to her pastor to ask for his permission for a divorce. She told him the whole story and the pastor agreed. However, he said that he would grant it only after the baby was born. In the meantime, the girl still stayed with her parents and she still had a job. However, the guy and his parents kept on trying to get in touch with her. It seemed as though they had wanted to use stronger black magic to entice her back to be with him.

Gladly she was safe and sound in her parents' house. Not long after that, she gave birth and divorced the guy. The girl's brother adopted the baby (only on paper, but the mother is still the one taking care of the baby). In Indonesia, this is necessary to make sure that the baby will get a proper birth certificate. Without a proper birth certificate, it would be tough for the child later on in the future as the child would be considered "illegitimate" by the government.

How she's doing now? I haven't heard anything yet, but I think she's doing fine with her child. ;-D

Speaking of black magic, I once rented a car to go to Jakarta (to the Finnish Embassy to deal with the papers I need to get a residence permit), the driver was a Christian. He comes from another island near Sulawesi. He said that in that island there were lots of Christians who still dealt with black magic. I was surprised when I heard that!!! Pretty spooky, isn't it? But I guess black magic is still practiced everywhere, eh?

Okay, now it's VERY late and I'm tired, so I'm gonna call it a day and sleep he he he...


  1. I often hear about black magic being practised in Indonesia but I never knew it's so real. Wow.

  2. I never knew it was used like that still. Oh My! that is just plain crazy. I loved the post very interesting

  3. Interesting but I can't say that I believe in Black Magic.

  4. Blur Ting: Yeah, believe it or not, eh? It still exists there he he he...

    Kasper: Glad you enjoyed reading. And yes, it IS crazy!!!

    Sid: THX for dropping by. If you don't believe in black magic, then do you believe in white magic? HE HE HE...

  5. Very real in africa too, both Africa style black magic and western style.

    One thing my one Pagan friend gets annoyed about is that some people think Wicca is black magic, but they don't believe in evil so... how can they believe or practice evil magic? She was the one that pointed out to me that satanism is actually a Christian group - admittedly a very twisted version, but they still follow the beliefs of the Bible, just in a really nasty way.

    Yes, i've had experiences in Africa with black magic of both kinds. Although I do believe the light is always stronger... way better to avoid these things! Only a stupid person sticks their hand into a sack of snakes. ;-)

  6. Hi, M!

    Ahhh...yeah, I'd assume you knew something about this. ;-D

    I don't know anything about Wicca, though he he he...and yeah, it's WAY better to avoid these things indeed. *nodding* Don't play with fire he he he he...