Wednesday, December 05, 2007

Personalized Christmas Cards

I once created a new discussion in a forum and attached one of the winter pictures that I took near my in-laws' house. I'm sure you've seen it because I know you love that picture. Anyway, some of them said that the picture was good enough to be printed on a card. I agree with that! Maybe next year I'll do that. After all, sending personalized Christmas cards would make the recipients happy, don't you think so? After all, they will get unique cards from you.

VistaPrint is one option for you to order Holiday cards. Other than ordering your personalized cards or postcards, they also provide a variety of beautiful custom cards, including your own photo cards or photo collage cards. If you want to order their custom cards, you can also write down your own personalized holiday greetings. Confused on what to write for your Christmas card? They provide plenty of verses to choose, so you can sit back and pick one of them.

What else do they offer? You can choose whether the inside of your folded cards will be printed in full color (with additional price), in grayscale printing, or you can just leave it blank. And they also have different template options for the inside of the cards. You can even change the color scheme (there is a long list of color schemes to choose).

For those of you who have your own company, you can also add a logo inside the cards. Uploading photos or logos is very easy to do in this site because it's very user-friendly. And since it's near Christmas, they are offering half price for holiday cards. Interested? Why don't you pay them a visit?

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