Wednesday, December 05, 2007

GPS: A Much Needed Technology

Just the other day my husband was browsing a store catalog and he said that he'd love to get a GPS system in his car. I asked him why and he said that it'd be nice to have whenever he needed to go to other towns or cities. He works in a computer company and sometimes he needs to go to other towns or cities to fix computers for clients by driving his own car and he needs to know the fastest route to go there. Most of the time when he knows where he's going, he looks up the roads in a map before he goes there to make sure that he knows which way to go.

We all know that going to new towns or cities can be confusing. Remember going to a new city and taking the wrong turn and ending up having to take the long way to reach your destination? Remember the frustration and the waste of gas just to find the right way to your destination, not to mention the waste of time? In today's busy world, efficiency is crucial. GPS system was created to solve the exact problem.

GPS Insight provides the best mapping possible for those of you who live in the USA and Canada. Other than that, you can also get a reading of your engine diagnostics such as: fault codes, speed, fuel consumption, etc.). If you live in the USA and Canada and you travel a lot to new places, GPS Insight also offers same day shipping and 30 day money back guarantee and many other options (basically they cater to whatever you need from them).

If you're curious about the pricing, they also provide a pricing calculator on the site. However, their basic monthly fee is fixed at $34.95 per month and the price of the upgrades starts from $4 per month for each vehicle. The good news is that they promise you that there's no hidden fees plus you only have to make a one-year contract instead of a long-term contract required by other companies!

If you still have questions about GPS Insight, just click on the link as they also offer a product demo which will satisfy your curiosity about their new product. Here's a sample of a slideshow map provided in their site.

And if you think it's tough to install the device, not to worry! They promise that their GPS system only takes a few minutes to install. Other than that, you can also save the data in Excel format. And if you have a trailer, you can also install it as GPS Insight offers a universal model of GPS system with a very high accuracy level. Pretty neat, isn't it?


  1. My husband got one a year or so ago when he was working as a deliervy driver. They do make mistakes sometimes, because places are doing road repairs or sudden road chanes - stuff like that, but mostly they really do help a LOT.

    We got badly lost once (sometimes i'd go with on deliveries - if he was going somewhere far and exciting) and without the GPS thing we'd have never realised we were lost! We stopped in a place called "Tarbert", but were supposed to be in "Tarbett" - about 60 miles apart!! :-O

  2. Hi, M!

    Yeah, I know what you mean. Hubby tried it once using his brother's GPS he he he...

    Ugh..I'm GLAD to hear that the GPS system really helped you during that time when you got really lost!!! Gee!!!