Tuesday, December 04, 2007

Why? & Some Winter Pics

In my earlier post, I attached a video clip of a Korean TV series (drama/romance) and Crystal told me that she cried a lot while watching them and Juliana also told me that it was her fave Korean series. There's something that I've been wondering about. How come we (especially women) love crying our eyes out while watching love stories, even though we know it's only a story?

I even know one guy who said that he loved watching sad dramas 'coz he could cry his eyes out while watching. He said it always made him feel good afterward.

Anyway, I went to a store again downtown to buy a pot for my X-mas cactus. Now let me share with you some pics of X-mas decorations from around town he he he...

First pic: my new pot. Isn't it cute? I LOVE the star decoration on the pot he he he...The post cost €3.95 (around 45,000 rupiahs).

Second pic: This is how the flower lamp looks like when I took the pic without the blitz he he he...

Third pic: It's the apt. building behind us. Sorry it's not too clear, but click on it to view a bigger size and you'll see the star-shaped lamps on one window. I LOVE them!!! ;-D

Now starting from the below pic, I took some pics while going downtown...so just enjoy the trip he he he he he...Sorry to say that some of them aren't too clear.

This below pic is the pic of downtown. The very centre of Sodankylä he he he...

See the big snowman there? I think it's fake, though hmmm...and you can see a X-mas tree in front of the bookstore (kirjakauppa). Kirja = book, kauppa = store.

The below pic is a pic of one of the bars here.

As you can see, the below pic is a pic of a hotel and its restaurant. Karhu Hotelli = Bear Hotel.

This house below actually looked MUCH nicer than in the pic. Since it's located very close to Lidl, you can see Lidl's lamps reflected on the window. They really ruined my pic he he he he he...GRRRRRRR!!!

Now this below pic is a pic of our apt. Yes, located on the third floor. Hubby said that he broke some parts of the lamp on the balcony (see the party that didn't shine?) 'coz he twisted it too much.

And here's a pic taken from inside our bedroom. Nice glowing colourful lights...MMMM...I'm feeling REALLY festive HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA...


  1. He he...we 'women' can watch a movie laughing and crying at the same time ha ha ha...

    Eeee...the pot is SO VERY CUTE... ;D Oh yes, in the 3rd pic I can see the 'star lights' and the snow is so silvery and glittering on the ground.

    The hotel seems to be so simple from the outside.

    WoW!! Everything look so white and full of lights...Lovely!! Now, I can see you sitting inside your apartment, Amel he he he...

  2. Choc Mint Girl: HA HA HA HA...Laughing and crying at the same time? Yes, but only when it's funny but I never cried and laughed at the same time when it was a sad movie he he he...

    Yeah, the pot's SO cute, isn't it? ;-D Glad you can view the pics pretty clearly. ;-D

    The hotel's really simple indeed. All the hotels here are simple. No fancy hotels here, but I guess it's still expensive to stay there 'coz you've gotta have a good heating system in this cold country plus thick walls he he he...

    Yup, now you can peep into my apt. HA HA HA HA HA HA...

  3. I cry in movies also. But I always try to hold it in because I don't want my family to see my crying. But my daughter will always suspect it and will look at my and say "are you crying??" And then she'll laugh at me.

  4. Kathy: He he he he...I know what you mean. I also used to try to hold it in, but now there're only me and my hubby, I let it out 'coz he knows ha ha ha ha ha...

  5. I am dreaming of a white Christmas.... just like the one I never be hahahhaah...

    that pictures are beautiful!!! You must be very bery berrrrry excited!

  6. Trinity: Well, you'll taste a white X-mas one day. I'm sure of it HE HE HE HE HE...

    Glad you enjoyed the pics. And yes, I'm berry berry excited HE HE HE HE HE...

  7. You have winter wonderland in Finland :) I still wait snow in here hehehe... Snow...snow...come to the Netherlands ^_^;;

  8. Hi, I'm glad I found your blog I love to see pictures from around the world!

    For a moment I thought you were in Idaho, USA like me haha...it looks so similar. I live right next to Yellowstone National Park.

    I love your little pot of flowers, it is adorable! I bought a very similar table lamp for my daughter's room, actually. Her flowers are colored and there is a butterfly too, though.

    If you have time, please come see a really neat picture I added to my personal blog about a mountain near us in Cody, Wyoming. It is very, very cool and has a secret you will be amazed at. :)

    Heart Mountain

    Chelle B.
    The Offended Blogger

  9. I cry when watching love stories heck i cry when watching my soaps im a big cry baby when it comes to that kind of things. I love the all the pictures they are great i cant wait for us to get alot of snow. :)

  10. hey girl very nice cactus .thank you . would I saig about cutting them .they cut them on the boby prats. I what to snow here. kelcey

  11. thank you alot amel I love people like you so much .thank you. kelcey

  12. Nice!
    Wonder if you have to walk up to your apartment. If so that's a good exercise. I wish I live in an apartment too, so I can walk up and down all the time.

  13. I'm a fan of korean movie. I can cried so much that I have to use a tissue paper to stuck under my glasses....LOL .... funny rite? My hubs cannot help laughing at me whenever I did that.

    Nice pic of White scene over at your side once again. How I envy. Its totally beautiful :)

  14. Sometimes I cry during movies depends. I loved all the pictures. I should have a new post soon. I'm working on one for my dad.

  15. Oh, I cry at every sad show! Did you walk to the store? It seems like a very cold and long journey. But it is so beautiful and pure.

  16. I come here again to peep that white christmas.. hehehe. .my fav one is the 4 pic..and thaatt christmas tree on the 6th pic.. !! hey that pic no 8 is also cute! Hm Hm Hm...

    btw amel I don't know how to type a letter with dots on the a just like you did on your finnish merry christmas

  17. Chelle B: Welcome to my blog and I visited your blog already. You have COOL blogs! ;-D

    Stacy: Ahhh...so you're like my Mom. She cries a lot, too he he he...Glad you enjoyed the pics! ;-D

    Kelcey: Hope you'll get your snow soon enough, Girl!!! My pleasure, Kelcey! ;-D Glad you liked the pics!

    Mother Hen: Yes, I have to walk up the stairs to my apt. There's no lift here in Sodankylä ha ha ha ha ha...and yeah, I also think it's a good exercise! ;-D

    Janice: You're a fan of Korean movies? I can understand why he he he he...You stuck tissue paper under your glasses? LOL!!!! Yeah, it's funny indeed! ;-D At least you make your hubby laugh and that's GOOD! ;-D Glad you enjoyed the pics! ;-D

    Kasper: Glad you liked the pics! A post on your Dad? I'm looking forward to reading it later! ;-D

    Blur Ting: Yeah, I walked to the stores. I almost always walk to the stores unless I'm going there with my hubby. Sometimes when he gets home for lunch break, he drops me off at the supermarket if I need to go there and I'll walk back home he he he he...It wasn't too cold, though! ;-D

    Trinity: Ahahhhh...lots of fave pics, eh? ;-D

    Oh yeah...here all the keyboards have the dots on top...hmmm...well, let me see how you can make it (have to open MS Word first). If it's tough, just copy and paste what I wrote he he he...

  18. Amelia,

    I don't know why most women cry when watching certain movies...I don't cry and I never had...and I always wondered why women do lol *nodding*.

    The pot is cute, indeed :).

    Loved the snow pics...it is so Xmasish :)!


  19. Max: You never cried?!?!?!?! WOW!!! Well, my question is more to this point: WHY do women or even some guys LOVE crying (and feeling good about it afterward) while watching a movie? HE HE HE HE...

    Glad you liked the pot and the pics. ;-D