Tuesday, December 04, 2007

Planning a Holiday? Try This!

Holiday season is coming soon and it seems that everybody's started to be busy already. I see lots of people updating their blogs more rarely than usual or they can't visit other people's blogs as often as usual. Anyone who is planning a vacation somewhere this coming holiday season should check out this site: Hotel Reservations. They guarantee that they have the lowest internet prices available, or else they'll give you a $100 rebate! Plus if you change or cancel reservations, they no longer charge you (provided that the hotels don't give any penalties!).

You can book hotels or B&B, flights, cars, vacation rentals there. They even provide vacation packages around the world: flight + hotel rooms + car, flight + hotel, hotel + car, or flight + car for over 1430 destinations around the world!

And if you're travelling for a group or if you're staying in a hotel for more than 9 days, you can also get a special price! By the way, I just checked out a round-trip plane ticket from Helsinki to Indonesia for February and the price's pretty reasonable. I'll remember this site next time I'm going somewhere!

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