Sunday, December 02, 2007

Zero Gravity Massage Chair

When I still lived in Bandung, I used to go to the malls once a week. Remember that I worked from home, so I needed fresh air and relaxation so that I wouldn't be bored. I noticed that in some malls, they put up some Massage Chairs for visitors. After walking around the malls for hours, they could sit on the chairs and just relax. It's a good advertising technique, I must say. If those people knew how good the massage chairs were and they had enough money, then they might at least be tempted to buy one!

I found Zero Gravity Massage Chair in the link above. Boy, I'd love to try sitting on at least one of them. They look SO comfortable. Just look at this picture of one of their massage chairs! This one is the Zero Gravity Massage Chair.

As you can see from the picture, this one is special. The Acupoint Detection System installed in the chair would scan your entire back to find out which important points to press during the massage. And the Dual-Lumbar Back Heat will help reduce tightness and pain. This massage chair is beneficial for people who have suffered from back pain, neck pain, arthritis, and of course for people whose bodies need to be pampered after having worked hard all day.

Personally speaking, I'm a HUGE fan of massages, especially if it's a full-body massage!!! I still remember how WONDERFUL it was for both me and my husband when we went to a spa in Bali and enjoyed a full-body massage for about one and a half hours. Talk about a SUPER relaxing experience!!! We definitely got our money's worth by going there! Do you like being massaged, by the way?

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